About Articdiving​

ARTIC drysuits are known for their durability, reliability, and high-performance capabilities in extreme environments

About the Articdiving

Articdiving​ by ARTIC is a Spanish drysuit manufacturer, leader on the domestic market that carries out orders for both recreational/technical divers and the uniformed sector. The suits are made to measure and undergo rigorous tightness tests before they are delivered to the final customer.

The possibility of choosing many options at an affordable standard price is a great advantage which gives the possibility of  ersonalizing the suit.

In 2019 the distribution in Switzerland of the Artic Drysuits is established through Eugenio Misa.

As a result, Swiss customers have access to a drysuit with an unbeatable price-quality value, retail directly to Switzerland.

The management of the warranty, as well as any possible repair or modification is handled directly in Switzerland through the Swiss distributor.

About Articdiving​



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