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Description Discover Limitless Possibilities with the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition

Elevate your diving game with the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition – the pinnacle of diving excellence. Dive deeper, dive better, and embrace a world of endless possibilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience diving in a whole new light. Order your ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition today and embark on extraordinary underwater adventures!

  • Trilaminate – Three Layer Fergusson (410-450g/m2) Polyester/Butyl/Polyester
  • Reinforcements CORDURA® X-Treme 1000dt by Terraza
  • T-Cut, Telescopic Torso, front zipper
  • X-Treme Protection front to biceps including forearm
  • X-Treme Protection knees, butt pad and calf
  • Metallic front zipper BDM 08 / RS
  • Nylon protective zipper

Polymer-sealed inner seam, Two EX pockets with Velcro closure, Neoprene over-neck collar, Latex wrist seals, Latex neck seal, Hyper-sole Boots, Apeks inflation valve, Apeks low profile exhaust valve.

Discover Limitless Possibilities with the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition


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Are you a passionate diver seeking the ultimate gear to conquer uncharted waters and push the boundaries of your underwater adventures? Look no further than the remarkable ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition, meticulously designed to enhance your diving experience and unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

Unrivaled Comfort and Freedom: The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition takes comfort to a whole new level. Crafted with precision and finesse, this drysuit provides a perfect fit that feels like a second skin. The innovative design ensures unrestricted movement, allowing you to swim effortlessly and enjoy every moment underwater without discomfort or hindrance.

Elite Performance, Unmatched Versatility: Designed for the most daring divers, the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition offers elite performance and unmatched versatility. Whether you’re exploring deep wrecks, embarking on exhilarating cave dives, or venturing into cold waters, this drysuit has got you covered. Stay warm, dry, and agile, no matter the diving conditions.

Built for the Toughest Challenges: The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition is built to withstand the toughest challenges of the underwater world. Its rugged construction, reinforced seams, and durable materials ensure it can endure rigorous dives and the test of time. Invest in this drysuit, and it will be your reliable companion for countless extraordinary dives ahead.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Safety: Your safety is paramount, and the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition takes it seriously. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a reliable dry zipper and integrated seals, it provides an impenetrable barrier against water, keeping you warm and secure throughout your dive.

Embrace Unparalleled Style: Beyond its exceptional performance, the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition exudes unmatched style and sophistication. Be the envy of your fellow divers with this sleek and modern drysuit, making a statement both underwater and on the surface.

Join the Dive Elite: By choosing the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition, you join an exclusive community of passionate divers who demand the best in diving gear. Experience the envy of others as you effortlessly explore new depths and dive with confidence like never before.

ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition Included:

  • Independent double lined 5mm neoprene hood
  • Transport bag / Changing Mat
  • Color to choose for the upper X-Treme reinforcement
  • 2 Year Warranty (service in Switzerland)


  • Arm seals: Si-Tech QCS Oval
  • Neck seal: Si-Tech Orust
  • Boots: 3mm neoprene socks or Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Valve: Si-Tech
  • Pockets: BS or EXCR
  • Dry-glove system: Ultima, Rolock or Kubi

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Gray, Black, Bottle Green, Dark Blue, Electric Blue, Garnet, Apple, Moro, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow


S-Short, S, S-Tall, M-Short, M, M-Tall, L-Short, L, L-Tall, XL-Short, XL, XL-Tall, XXL-Short, XXL, XXL-Tall


Latex, Neupreno


Metallic, Plastic




pockets BS, EX, EXCR


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What is the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition?
The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition is a high-performance drysuit designed for extreme cold water diving. It features a streamlined design, advanced materials, and specialized insulation to keep divers warm and dry in harsh environments.
What makes the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition different from other drysuits?
The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition is designed specifically for use in extreme cold water environments, and features advanced materials and specialized insulation to provide superior warmth and protection. It also has a streamlined design that offers improved mobility and reduced drag in the water.
What materials are used to make the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition?
The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition is made from a combination of high-strength nylon and Butyl rubber, with a Kevlar reinforced knee and seat area. It also features specialized insulation materials such as Thinsulate and Polartec Power Stretch Pro to provide maximum warmth and comfort.
Is the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition customizable?
Yes, the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual divers. This includes custom sizing, colors, and logos, as well as optional features such as dry gloves and a pee valve.
Who is the ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition designed for?
The ARTIC Drysuits EX Edition is designed for professional divers and serious enthusiasts who regularly dive in extreme cold water environments. It is ideal for ice diving, technical diving, and other demanding diving applications where superior warmth and protection are essential.

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