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Harness TecLine Comfort (adjustable) standard webbing – incl. 3 mm SS backplate, without logo


The TecLine Comfort (adjustable) Harness with standard webbing and a 3mm stainless steel backplate is a versatile and dependable diving harness designed for maximum comfort and performance. With its adjustable design, this harness can be customized to provide an optimal fit for divers of various sizes.

The standard webbing construction ensures a secure and comfortable experience underwater.

The 3mm stainless steel backplate adds durability and stability, ensuring reliable support during dives. This harness is logo-free, offering a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Dive confidently and comfortably with the TecLine Comfort (adjustable) Harness.


Product description
BACKPLATE + HARNESS SET The set includes:- 3mm Stainless Steel Standard Backplate with no logo (weight: 2,10kg)- Tecline Comfort Harness – adjustable (standard webbing)- Crotch Strap


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