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Harness Tecline Comfort MINI – incl. 3mm SS backplate H – weight 1,89 kg


The Tecline Comfort MINI Harness, complete with a 3mm stainless steel backplate H, is a compact and reliable harness designed specifically for diving enthusiasts who prefer a smaller and lighter gear option. Despite its compact size, this harness does not compromise on comfort or durability.

The Tecline Comfort MINI features a high-quality webbing construction that ensures a secure fit and optimal performance underwater. The 3mm stainless steel backplate H adds strength and stability, providing excellent support during dives. With a weight of only 1.89 kg, this harness offers a lightweight and efficient solution for divers seeking a comfortable and reliable diving experience.


Product description
TECLINE HARNESS (NO BACKPLATE) Tecline Comfort MINI Harness (adjustable)

Set includes: – 2x shoulder strap- 2x shoulder soft pad- 2x waist strap with adjustment d-ring- 2x adjusting d-ring- 2x bent d-ring – 1x straight d-ring – 6x triglider – Bungee loop (for inflator hose)- 5x elastic band for accessories- Stainless steel Tecline buckle- Tecline crotch strap  * MINI Harness should be used with H-Shape MINI Backplate


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